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Book - 2003
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Cathie1216 Nov 12, 2015

Read this book; read the whole series. Most of the books, in series, were very good. I loved how they added different immortals.. That there weren't just vampires; you also had werewolves and shape-shifters and fairies.

minahcole Nov 08, 2015

well i havent read it yet but i will looks interesting .

Jul 17, 2012

Love this series! Quick, easy, fun read.

Oct 20, 2011

No vampire story is complete without at least one werewolf, and Alcide makes for a good one. I especially liked how he and Sookie function as a team. However, I am starting to wonder how much horrible bodily trauma Sookie can sustain - it's getting a little ridiculous.

Apr 10, 2011

Third novel about the ficitional telepath Sookie Stackhouse. When trouble arises and William Compton goes missing its Miss Stackhouse to the rescue - regardless of her thoughts of Bill's betrayal. We meet the wonderful Alcide Herveaux who aides her in her search as well as Russell Edgington - a vampire King from Mississippi. Drama ensues.

Sep 07, 2010

I think that I liked this book more than the previous two. It was still exactly what I expected it to be, a good, campy distraction. Looking forward to the rest of the series and am enjoying that the HBO series is not exactly the same.

Aug 26, 2010

This book introduces a new kind of Supe. And it advances the overall storyline a lot as well! Worth reading for Sookie's character development.

Feb 11, 2010

The Sookie Stackhouse series is amazing. I love them all. Great read, some clean `sex` and everyone`s favorite - Vamps!!

Feb 04, 2010

There's a lot of things I don't like about these books- they're without substance, they feature a dumb blond and the strong men she needs protect her, the whole vampire part grosses me out at times, and they're basically a harlequin romance with vampires. That being said, I'm still reading them- they are pretty addictive.

Dec 13, 2009

omg i want to rad this book soo badly man the person who has this book seriously you are the slowest reader on earth pick up the pace here i am literally dying of excitement

Jul 26, 2009

Just when I thought the books were starting to go down hill (as was the case in Living Dead in Dallas) this one happily picks up again which makes me want to read more.

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